From the 'Suffolk Free Press' of Thursday 24 September 1964


More rail stations are to close for goods traffic

Bures, Cavendish, Yeldham, Earls Colne and White Colne stations are being closed to freight traffic as from December 28.

Altogether 47 stations in the Eastern Region are being closed to freight that day under the British Railways Board reshaping plan.

Members of staff at the various stations were informed of the proposed action yesterday (Wednesday).

The interim coal concentration point for Bures will now be Sudbury, which is also suggested as the alternative station for other wagon-load traffic.

Clare is suggested as the alternative for Cavendish traffic, although all these stations will in time take their coal from Bury St Edmunds apart from Bures who will take coal from Stanway.

Haverhill is suggested as the alternative goods point for Yeldham, although these stations will also be supplied with coal from Bury in time.

Earls Colne and White Colne will eventually take coal from Stanway, although all their present freight traffic is recommended to come from Halstead.


A statement from British Railways to their freight customers says: "You will see that this represents a widespread contraction of freight services with the object of achieving substantial economies in working expenses.

"The Board would like you to know, however, that it wishes to retain to railway services as much profitable freight business as possible and would like to discuss with you rates and services which can be offered having in mind the future pattern of available facilities".